Fireworks up close

So, last night (well, not really – Wednesday night, but I meant to post this yesterday, so …) we went to a family friend’s apartment to watch the fireworks. We were RIDICULOUSLY close – like literally, we were right beside the water. It was amazing. We could even see the ship! Now first we were just talking, but before the fireworks actually start they light up a couple to signal “20 minutes left”, and “10 minutes left” – that kind of thing. The first time that happened, I was absolutely AMAZED at how nice they looked up close – and then BANG! It was LOUD! Louder than I expected, even! Obviously you expect it to be louder than when watching from far away (like from my house balcony, where I usually do) but I didn’t think it would be THAT loud! The interesting thing is even though we were so close there was still a slight delay between the actual firework and the sound. Hmm …

Finally, the fireworks started. They were really good. It was cool because up close we could see all the low ones that we wouldn’t have normally seen. It was pretty cool to watch with the music as well. It was actually very well choreographied (or whatever the verb is). They even played Navras from Juno Reactor! They had a lot of cool effects, like ones that swirled around before disappearing. It was also interesting because normally the big explosions look 2D from far away, but up close they were most definitely 3D. The big high ones were especially impressive up close – they were HUGE, and after a long chain of them everybody started cheering and clapping. It was amazing!

Unfortunately, after, we had a tough time getting back, but I’ll save you that story. Suffice to say that I don’t understand why we didn’t simply call a taxi outside of the apartment. It was pretty tiring, but also amazingly fun. Plus I met some pretty cool people too! I don’t really know if I’ll ever get to watch fireworks like that up close again, but at least I’ve experienced it once now … right?