Rant about MSM, Bruins’ fans, and hockey in general

I don’t even know what to say. I should probably feel excited and giddy about the Canucks being in the SCF – I am, don’t get me wrong … but maybe not for all the right reasons. Rant ahead. Do not read if you don’t care!

EDIT: So, apparently wordpress decided to be kind to you all and delete my rant. Great … well, I suppose I got it out of my system, but gonna leave this here for the ~memories~ …


New band obsession

Heard this song and I INSTANTLY was obsessed. I’d just discovered an amazing new band. It’s even got a cool fanmade Harry Potter video with it!

Which of course, reminds me that there’s only a month and a half until the new movie comes out …


Last week of school

School just makes me so tired, ESPECIALLY the last week. It’s like, you’re close, and ALMOST there … but you’re not. I honestly can barely manage to muster up any sort of enthusiasm whatsoever for this last week. It’s not like there’s anything to look forward to either (thanks to you teachers who schedule test on the last week, yea, thanks a bunch gaiz). I just want to get this whole school thing over with. I mean OK I like school and everything, but only the learning part. The testing part sucks …

This weather isn’t helping either. It’s hot. Sunny, even. Which is good right? Yea, sure, I don’t mind the sun, but I don’t want it to be freaking boiling outside when I’m sitting UNDERNEATH THE SHADE. I mean, ugh, why can’t you be sunny but breezy and COOL? It’s not like I love going outside or anything, the brightness hurts my eyes. I swear, I spend too much time in the shade (haha, inside joke …)

Random rant is awesome. Just needed to get it out of my system …

Canucks game tonight might have SLIGHTLY influenced my mood …

Canucks withdrawal

So, you may or may not have noticed the absence of Canucks games recently. It is quite sad. This is because we randomly have a WEEK LONG BREAK between last game and next. Not that I’m complaining (all right, I am) – rest is good for our players (just look at what happened to the Sedins after that rest! MAGIC!), so hopefully Kesler and Ehrhoff can rest up and be ready for the next game … but for us fans it’s horrible! What can we be expected to do?! I now have nothing to look forward to in the nights …

I’m going through a very stressful time in my life right now, and I don’t even have Canucks games to elevate reduce my stress. Which is ridiculous! Not to mention that there’s a random break between Wednesday’s game and Saturday’s … I mean, it’s not even a travel day! Why not save that extra day for LATER?!

*sigh* NHL schedulers …

So hurry up and come faster, Wednesday!!!

A bandwagoner’s guide to the Canucks

As you may or may not know, it is currently mid May. What could this possibly have to do with anything? Well, we are currently in the middle of something known as the “NHL playoffs”. It has come to my attention that bandwagoners these days may need to change teams quite often, and so it is my hope that by writing this guide, I will help your transition from “casual fan” to “Canucks bandwagoner” (and perhaps even the goal of “Canucks fan”) be easier, whether you are a fan of a team already eliminated, a team that had the chance of making it into the playoffs as pigs do of flying, a team that had the chance to make it into the playoffs handed to them on a silver platter yet still squandered it, or a simple Vancouverite who just wants to get in on all this “Canucks business”.

  • Do not jump off the bandwagon

All right, all right, hear me out on this one. Your aim is to fully integrate yourself into the Canucks fan community, amirite? Nothing screams “I’m a bandwagoner!” louder than instantly turning against a team after one bad goal or a loss. Aim to enjoy the ride until your team gets knocked out, which would (hopefully) mean stay until June …

  • Know your players

Confused? Can’t tell one Sedin from the other? Well, don’t worry, because I can’t either, but here’s a clever cheat sheet to help you on your way.

  • Watch the game

I know this might seem pretty obvious, but you should actually WATCH THE GAMES. There is a big difference between watching the game and watching highlights or simply reiterating what the MSM (mainstream media) have been saying. Take part in the nervous anticipation and know that the instant the Canucks score, you are feeling an uplifting joy shared by all the fans wherever they are. Also, you’ll be able to formulate your own conclusions based on the game – the MSM often says things that make no sense or are simply inaccurate.

  • Don’t act like a jerk

Don’t be that person that makes everyone else think Canucks fans are jerks. Don’t be that person. Just because people say that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true – or at least, that’s what I believe. Don’t be the one that ruins the experience not only for fans of other teams, but  Canucks fans as well. Be courteous – but celebrate as well.

Allow me to leave you with this awesome GIF I found …

My weird fascination with fake moustaches

I know it’s not exactly understandable, but there is this part of me that has wanted to buy a false moustache for a year now. With all the memes and the fact that I wanted to just have one… along with a monocle and a top hat. I think the entire costume of a traditional English man just explains how I feel at some points in life.

This attire used to be for high class English men and portrays a sophisticated, serious person, but now in this day and age it’s more for the jokes and laughs. It’s just suitable. In most situations it would break the ice, or make the tension of a conversation disappear! Imagine, someone is stressing over something horribly, and you swipe out of your pocket your false moustache and put it on and you say “AHA! I am Captain Hook!” (alright I know that doesn’t really fit with the costume, but it would still make your friend laugh.)

It could also be useful during classes when you do not know what the answer of a question is and you are called on. For example if my teacher asks me “Explain your thoughts on this passage, Awesome” then I could respond with “my dear instructor, I do not have any thoughts on this matter since I am but a girl with a moustache”. (With the most cheesy British accent). And hopefully they will not question further.

If you plan on buying one you have to take into consideration that there are a variety of different moustaches. There is the toothbrush (hitler-stache) for angry moments, the fu manchu for when you want to act sage like or do kungfu, and many more! You just have to find that false moustache that seems to fit you best.

It is one of my many odd fascinations, but I say this with seriousness:

(I do not speak Spanish.)

And with my hypothetical moustache I bid you good day!

Quint here. Just wanted to say that sometimes I have no idea why this person is my friend … and that I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS POST!

Quint just doesn’t want to admit she laughed.

Awesomeness intro

Hey! I’m Awesome, no literally, my name is Awesome…literally.

I’m a major otaku, or rather a person that gets obsessed to things really quickly. I am “obsessed” with drawing, eating, sleeping, k-pop, manga, manhwa, anime, music in general, fanfiction, sit-coms, dramas, and of course the internet. (I’m actually not sure if that’s all that I obsess over, but we’ll save that for another time).

I procrastinate tons, but when I get into something people say that I only focus on it.

As I said earlier I like to draw, and am one of the creators of this site. So if you’re reading I hope you liked my rambling (it will happen a lot), and if you have comments just lay it on me bro.