Lemonade, In The Shade.


Long time no Post

Hellooo there~

Long time no post. (for me at least :P)I apologize for that, but currently it is my final exams and it’s been difficult to find time to actually post my life. I would have drawn a picture for this, but it’s been done many times. The same picture of a person sitting at a desk with a bunch of papers simply studying (and stressing about it). You’ve seen those and I’ve seen those so I’ll let your imagination figure out how I study.

There are a few updates in my “oh so exciting” life that I thought I could share with you all.
For one I came re-acquainted to one of my favourite bands last week, Hanson. If you don’t know them then you are probably my age or at least born in the 1990s (I was only 2 when they debuted).

These three brothers, Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Zac Hanson(from oldest to youngest) created a band called Hanson. Each have great voices however they each also play instruments, Isaac:guitar, Taylor:piano, Zac:percussion. They debuted with and most well-known by the song “mmmbop” in 1997 (which is often thought as a one-hit wonder). Though during the time they were in their teens and had long blond hair (often mistaken for girls), they had amazing talent, but people were, and still are, focused on the mainstream music. Now they are men; they got married and had kids, but they still sing and perform today, 14 years after. Through the years they have matured physically, mentally, and musically. They are very talented vocally and instrumentally all because they had such love to create music and to practice it.

The Hanson’s have motivated me and I hope people take the time to search them up now because their music is absolutely beautiful and should be heard.

My weird fascination with fake moustaches

I know it’s not exactly understandable, but there is this part of me that has wanted to buy a false moustache for a year now. With all the memes and the fact that I wanted to just have one… along with a monocle and a top hat. I think the entire costume of a traditional English man just explains how I feel at some points in life.

This attire used to be for high class English men and portrays a sophisticated, serious person, but now in this day and age it’s more for the jokes and laughs. It’s just suitable. In most situations it would break the ice, or make the tension of a conversation disappear! Imagine, someone is stressing over something horribly, and you swipe out of your pocket your false moustache and put it on and you say “AHA! I am Captain Hook!” (alright I know that doesn’t really fit with the costume, but it would still make your friend laugh.)

It could also be useful during classes when you do not know what the answer of a question is and you are called on. For example if my teacher asks me “Explain your thoughts on this passage, Awesome” then I could respond with “my dear instructor, I do not have any thoughts on this matter since I am but a girl with a moustache”. (With the most cheesy British accent). And hopefully they will not question further.

If you plan on buying one you have to take into consideration that there are a variety of different moustaches. There is the toothbrush (hitler-stache) for angry moments, the fu manchu for when you want to act sage like or do kungfu, and many more! You just have to find that false moustache that seems to fit you best.

It is one of my many odd fascinations, but I say this with seriousness:

(I do not speak Spanish.)

And with my hypothetical moustache I bid you good day!

Quint here. Just wanted to say that sometimes I have no idea why this person is my friend … and that I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS POST!

Quint just doesn’t want to admit she laughed.

Awesomeness intro

Hey! I’m Awesome, no literally, my name is Awesome…literally.

I’m a major otaku, or rather a person that gets obsessed to things really quickly. I am “obsessed” with drawing, eating, sleeping, k-pop, manga, manhwa, anime, music in general, fanfiction, sit-coms, dramas, and of course the internet. (I’m actually not sure if that’s all that I obsess over, but we’ll save that for another time).

I procrastinate tons, but when I get into something people say that I only focus on it.

As I said earlier I like to draw, and am one of the creators of this site. So if you’re reading I hope you liked my rambling (it will happen a lot), and if you have comments just lay it on me bro.