Anime review – Gosick

So, I’ve been kind of dead. Sorry. So I’ve decided I’m gonna start reviewing things I watch or read now, so I’ll start here on this site … why not, huh? Let’s start with some basics …

Gosick misc. info:

  • Length: 24 episodes
  • Air date: Dec 27, 2010 to Jul 2, 2011
  • Subs: Victorique


  • Story: 6/10
  • Art: 7/10
  • Sound: 6/10
  • Character: 2/10
  • Enjoyment: 2/10
  • Overall: 4/10

First billed to me as a mystery show, I was understandably excited for this. Coupled with legends, logic puzzles, and more, I was filled with high expectations for this anime; I was horribly disappointed with what I got. Generally, mystery shows related with logic would have characters carefully piece the clues together, unraveling the layers of intrigue one by one. Instead, we are given a character who draws conclusions out of thin air, with nothing to support her deductions other than the “Chaos”. Not a good start.

Our journey begins with our student, Kujo, who discovers Victorica (or rather, Victorique, but I digress). They first go on a journey on a boat, Queen Berry, if I recall correctly. While at first we have a string of unrelated mysteries, we soon enter an arc where we have Academies of Science and Occult, coupled with Victorica’s own personal family problems. Though confusing (I admit, I still do not really understand what they were going for even now), it was all right to follow – indeed, the episodes did get more exciting towards the middle when the Leviathan arc began. My problem with said “storyline” is the random introduction of – important? – plot points. For example, said Academies – I still do not quite understand what they are there for. Or the fact that Roscoe was actually a twin. Confusion abounds, to be sure.

The art is quite good. I don’t think I can complain much about this, although I do feel that the quality dropped slightly (though this happens in most anime, I’m sure). The character designs are no problem, and the animation is quite good – although not exactly memorable. As for the soundtrack, again, not memorable. I would expect that it fit in nicely, seeing as I don’t recall anything sticking out in particular. The opening is fine – although pretty typical – and I did quite enjoy the first ending. I hated the second, though. Odd, as apparently they were by the same artist.

Here’s where we get into the real tricky business – characters. Our two mains were absolutely horrendous. Let us start with our first character – Kujo. So memorable he is, in fact, that I could not remember his name when discussing with another friend. I don’t even remember his last name. Or first name, whichever. He is soft spoken, and weak, to be sure – rather like a certain someone from NGE, perhaps? Back on the topic, I didn’t care for him at all in the beginning. Relying on others whenever he had trouble – he would ALWAYS come running back to Victorica whenever he had any difficulty. Then when he kept coming back to her – after she REPEATEDLY beat him up, literally – I wondered, along with another friend, whether he was “M”. It seems there could be no other explanation for his strange behaviour.

Then we get our “lovely” Victorica. First of all, I thought she was rather all right at the start. Her character was subsequently absolutely massacred, for one reason or another. She, of course, HAD to have a “cute moe” side, along with an “embarrassed tsundere” side, while also being someone who lashed out at Kujo in her temper tantrums while PHYSICALLY ABUSING HIM. Huh, that’s something you don’t see every day. Not to mention she just grew downright ANNOYING – on several instances her voice and Kujo’s made me want to rip my ears off. Could you really think of no other way to expand her character?

There were of course, various side characters who I did like – Avril, of course, and Grevil. Except they were only that – side characters, not really appearing except to “develop” the main characters. I find it’s always a bit difficult to enjoy something if the sides are more interesting than the mains – except this happened. Quirky, energetic Avril could (most of the time) bring a smile to my face, while Grevil could quite literally make me LOL, especially with his hair let down – shoujo style.

Through all that, this anime was an absolute horror to watch and go through. First of all, the logic craps. Victorica’s amazing “logical deductions” are nothing more than random guesses – except they always happen to be right, of course. In one particular instance, someone was killed while riding a motorcycle – a wire was strung across the path, cutting off their head as they passed. Victorica made some rather … “interesting” deductions. The fact a wire was used – an “indirect” method – meant it had to be a woman or child. Uh, what? A man couldn’t have done it why – it wouldn’t be “manly” enough? Then after listening to Kujo’s recollection, as he bore witness to the scene, another “interesting” conclusion was made. He mentioned he had been thinking as he was walking, and started thinking about his ideal girlfriend, or something like that – she happened to be blonde. Victorica, then, astutely says that the murderer was blonde, since humans often react to visual cues. Again, huh? So it couldn’t be conceivable that Kujo simply likes blonde hair? There are of course, numerous more examples of her “brilliant logic” – so many, in fact, that I wonder whether any thought was given to this at all.

My final point is that when watching an anime with a female and male lead, there will, obviously, be a romantic aspect to the story. It’s to be expected. I expected it. That didn’t make it any better. I hoped against all hope that it wouldn’t happen – but it did. They were going to be separated, but never apart in their hearts – or something. Cheesy, yea, but fine, whatever. Then the ending happened. Suddenly they kept crying out how they would never leave and how they would always be together – or Kujo would always be there to save Victorica no matter what. Then the CRYING. My EARS. The VERY END – where they got MARRIED? What the heck? Granted, I may be slightly biased against romance, but COME ON. I was here to watch a MYSTERY show, not a ROMANTIC ANGST FILLED SHOUJO.

My advice for anyone wanting to watch this would be to go in with no expectations whatsoever. Any ones you have will leave you questioning – especially the “logic” – not necessarily what you want to be doing. Perhaps my own expectations I held made this anime seem worse than it really is – then again, I would recommend you not to watch this at all. Save yourself from this. There really is nothing in this at all that you wouldn’t be able to find it somewhere else. GO to that somewhere else. While the middle section tricked me into thinking this would end up better, you know better. Don’t be like me and fall into the deep abyss of helplessness – save yourself from it before it’s too late.

Maybe that’s why Victorica relies on the “chaos” so much – this show is full of it.

Well, there’s my first review ever. I tried not to let it become too much like a rant of hate. Will try to improve on these … yea, it’s a block of text. No pictures, sorry about that.


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