So we go

You know what? We lost, and I’m crying right now, yes, but I’m also SO FREAKING PROUD OF OUR CANUCKS. I probably won’t sleep tonight and will be angsty tomorrow but we were SO. CLOSE!

Classy? You bet. Our fans cheering on Boston even though they won, and cheering on Thomas? You betcha. Good job you guys, what can I say. I bet that Boston fans (well, only some of them, maybe) would have BOOed us out of there if we’d won it in Boston …

I am however, really sad for our team. We were supposed to win, Salo could retire happy, and we could keep both Ehrhoff and Bieksa. I believe in you guys, management guys, to bring our team back in full for next year.

I’m proud that our fans could stay classy as the “enemy” hoisted the cup. If I weren’t fighting through tears, I’d probably be cheering them on, too.

I tip my imaginary hat to the amazing season we have next year, but you know what? I raise my imaginary cup (haha, punny …) to the wonderful one that is ahead of us. We’ve got a great group, everyone … I believe that even though we didn’t win it this year, we’ve got a great chance next time. After all, this is not “our year”, this is our “window”.

Always a proud Canucks fan, signing out.


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