Last week of school

School just makes me so tired, ESPECIALLY the last week. It’s like, you’re close, and ALMOST there … but you’re not. I honestly can barely manage to muster up any sort of enthusiasm whatsoever for this last week. It’s not like there’s anything to look forward to either (thanks to you teachers who schedule test on the last week, yea, thanks a bunch gaiz). I just want to get this whole school thing over with. I mean OK I like school and everything, but only the learning part. The testing part sucks …

This weather isn’t helping either. It’s hot. Sunny, even. Which is good right? Yea, sure, I don’t mind the sun, but I don’t want it to be freaking boiling outside when I’m sitting UNDERNEATH THE SHADE. I mean, ugh, why can’t you be sunny but breezy and COOL? It’s not like I love going outside or anything, the brightness hurts my eyes. I swear, I spend too much time in the shade (haha, inside joke …)

Random rant is awesome. Just needed to get it out of my system …

Canucks game tonight might have SLIGHTLY influenced my mood …


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