A bandwagoner’s guide to the Canucks

As you may or may not know, it is currently mid May. What could this possibly have to do with anything? Well, we are currently in the middle of something known as the “NHL playoffs”. It has come to my attention that bandwagoners these days may need to change teams quite often, and so it is my hope that by writing this guide, I will help your transition from “casual fan” to “Canucks bandwagoner” (and perhaps even the goal of “Canucks fan”) be easier, whether you are a fan of a team already eliminated, a team that had the chance of making it into the playoffs as pigs do of flying, a team that had the chance to make it into the playoffs handed to them on a silver platter yet still squandered it, or a simple Vancouverite who just wants to get in on all this “Canucks business”.

  • Do not jump off the bandwagon

All right, all right, hear me out on this one. Your aim is to fully integrate yourself into the Canucks fan community, amirite? Nothing screams “I’m a bandwagoner!” louder than instantly turning against a team after one bad goal or a loss. Aim to enjoy the ride until your team gets knocked out, which would (hopefully) mean stay until June …

  • Know your players

Confused? Can’t tell one Sedin from the other? Well, don’t worry, because I can’t either, but here’s a clever cheat sheet to help you on your way.

  • Watch the game

I know this might seem pretty obvious, but you should actually WATCH THE GAMES. There is a big difference between watching the game and watching highlights or simply reiterating what the MSM (mainstream media) have been saying. Take part in the nervous anticipation and know that the instant the Canucks score, you are feeling an uplifting joy shared by all the fans wherever they are. Also, you’ll be able to formulate your own conclusions based on the game – the MSM often says things that make no sense or are simply inaccurate.

  • Don’t act like a jerk

Don’t be that person that makes everyone else think Canucks fans are jerks. Don’t be that person. Just because people say that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true – or at least, that’s what I believe. Don’t be the one that ruins the experience not only for fans of other teams, but  Canucks fans as well. Be courteous – but celebrate as well.

Allow me to leave you with this awesome GIF I found …


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